About Us

Moeggesukkel at a glance


Moeggesukkel is a non-profit company based in Raslouw, a suburb on the western outskirts of the administrative capital of South Africa, Pretoria. The name literally means ‘Tired of Struggling’, describing how a multitude of people constantly feel in their never-ending struggle against a poverty-stricken existence.

The Moeggesukkel facility is managed from a large old house on a plot of land where not only accommodation and care is provided for 50 individuals, but it also houses the administration offices, workshop facilities and gardening projects the company runs in its mission to assist other charity organisations. It also houses a professionally fitted kitchen facility approved by the health authorities for the preparation of food for the various feeding schemes.

In the words of the founder of Moeggesukkel, Jacques Papenfus; “At Moeggesukkel we believe that no matter what challenges you face in life, you will NEVER be tested above your abilities.

“Remember – You are BLESSED!

“The Golden Rule sums it up; ‘So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the whole of the Law’.

“From this rule we realised that we are our brothers’ keeper, and we must assist our neighbours in their time of need.”