Vision & Mission

Moeggesukkel embodies ‘Victory Over Life’s Challenges’ aiming to be:

  • A friend in need.
  • A provider of shelter.
  • A support structure for individuals and organisations.
  • A developer of skills for all people of society.

“A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.”



Our Vision


To become a multi-national organisation which is the leader in assisting the victims of various traumatic events to be victorious in breaking the strongholds and meet success in all walks of life.

To develop skills whilst creating jobs to assist the individual to regain self-respect by giving them a fishing rod to fish for themselves and not just a fish to feed them for now, thus teaching sustainability for the individuals themselves. Yet, we strive to maintain an outstanding reputation for the wise management of funds and resources.




  Our Mission


Give Hope to the Hopeless: HOPE – Helping Other People Excel

This entails training and equipping individuals, organisations, companies and institutions to benefit from the ultimate advantage of Divine standards and values.